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Computer Forensics: What’s Every IT Organization Should Know

Matrimonial Investigative Service

Automated Horizons, Inc. - Specializing in legal and medical technology consulting, networking and web design. We are certified resellers and trainers for many legal software products.

Legal Technology Solution Ltd - Independent legal technology consultancy - helping lawyers get the most value from their investment in technology. a comprehensive state-by-state divorce informational network.

Settlement Capital Corporation - Settlement Capital provides attorneys a source of funding for their clients during and after settlement. - providing helpful divorce, custody, visitation
and support information.

Recent Cases

ACE Data Group was recently cited in a US Appeals case (Residential Funding Corp v. DeGeorge Fin. Corp 306 F.3d 99) concerning e-mail retrieval. The case states that while the Plaintiff used basic recovery and was only able to recover 158 emails in four and a half months claiming.
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With help from ACE Data Group, Inkjet International, a high quality large format imaging firm, recently won its case against two former employees. After leaving Inkjet to work for a competitor, the defendants emailed Inkjet's customer database to their home computer in an attempt to.
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