Partner Programs
ACE Data Group is proud to offer a valuable partnership program for both service providers and enterprise. Hard drives, software and data storage systems fail, either from mechanical failure, natural disasters, computer viruses, data corruption or human error. Many companies don’t realize the technology exists to recover data or that it can be done affordably.

Now you can offer your clients recovery service and generate additional revenue for you! Your clients turn to you for their many hardware and software needs. They trust you to help them handle many aspects of personal and business related computer issues. ACE Data Group, Inc. can help you recover your client’s data no matter what shape the data is in.
  • a referral fee for each completed and paid recovery/computer forensic job that you send to us,
  • or, the flexibility to serve your clients through your firm as a reseller.
  • Referrals to you for other hardware or repair needs whose business we have won directly.
Please email us at Computer Forensics or call 877-304-7189 today to discuss how our partner program can best suit your business and your clients.
Recent Cases

ACE Data Group was recently cited in a US Appeals case (Residential Funding Corp v. DeGeorge Fin. Corp 306 F.3d 99) concerning e-mail retrieval. The case states that while the Plaintiff used basic recovery and was only able to recover 158 emails in four and a half months claiming.
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With help from ACE Data Group, Inkjet International, a high quality large format imaging firm, recently won its case against two former employees. After leaving Inkjet to work for a competitor, the defendants emailed Inkjet's customer database to their home computer in an attempt to.
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