About ACE Data Group Forensics Team

Corporate Resume

Our team is specialists in all media, all operating systems, all database and Exchange/Mail recovery, obsolete data conversions and migrations, and advanced data recovery forensics. We will provide you with thorough, tightly controlled and fully documented examinations of your electronic media. In addition, all work is done in house; we do not subcontract any services.

General Expertise
Company Summary
  • Leading-edge clean-room technology
  • Highly trained and experienced data recovery hard-drive/media technicians and programmers
  • Rapid response - under 4-hour response time, typically 24 hour turnaround
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Engineers on call 24 x 7 x 364
  • Express service available
Advanced Data Recovery
  • All types of data loss or corruption recovery services
  • Magnetic, optical, photo
  • Tape recovery from all formats and media storage devices
  • DLT end of data marker
  • Full range of storage media including server, work station and laptop
  • All levels of RAID (hardware and software), FireWire, NAS devices
  • SQL database and Exchange/Email
  • ALL locally stored email systems including, but not limited to: Outlook, Netscape Mail, EUDORA, Goldmine
  • All versions of Windows, DOS, MAC, Novell, and all of the UNIX families
Data Conversion
  • Convert databases from/to ALL relational database products.
  • Transfer UNIX storage into PC domain.
  • Take COBOL record descriptions and recreate data in a usable ASCII Format.
  • Convert COPY or SAVE Format data to be loaded into most PC or UNIX applications.
  • Convert data from a VMS Backup set to be compatible with most Windows and UNIX applications.
Computer Forensics
Advanced Data Forensic Recovery
  • Critical Evidence from e-mails, ledgers, databases - all languages, hard ware and media.
  • Defined, proceduralized data collection and protected chain of custody and rules of evidence.
  • Determine if and how data has been altered, damaged or destroyed.
  • Repair altered or damaged data, such as files, formatted disk/tapes, re-initialized and damaged disks, using proprietary methods.
  • Provide expert testimony in regards to computer investigation and data recovery.

Licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security #A16785