Electronic Discovery - Electronic Recovery Services & Computer Forensics by ACE Data Group

Electronic Recovery

Digital evidence is becoming more and more critical to all types of litigation cases. Whatever the category or type – civil or criminal – computer technology is often involved. Today, lawyers, law enforcement professionals and other litigants must recognize the value of electronic evidence. The evidence and “paper” trail found within storage media can make or break a case.

ACE Data Group’s Data Recovery Services division can help you secure that evidence. Using proprietary non-evasive methods, we can recover evidence that was either:

  • Damaged hard drives and tapes
  • Lost, deleted or corrupted files
  • Reformatted/partially reinitialized disks and disk arrays
  • Deleted or corrupted databases and email storages

ACE Data Group’s engineers possess skills in all types of media and software, allowing us to expertly examine a large number of computer platforms to locate and recover all the information you need. Our experience in litigation recoveries allows us to provide our clients with thorough, tightly controlled and fully documented examinations of your computer media. We have the tools and expertise that is needed to recover and locate evidence from:

  • E-mails
  • Ledgers
  • Databases
  • Any other electronic data content

After determining what steps will be necessary to complete your recovery, we will contact you for approval. No work will be done without your consent. As soon as you approve the quotation, our engineers will continue with the recovery process.

We work only with imaged drives to preserve the original drive for evidence integrity and/or opposing counsel examination. We maintain strict transfer, storage and chain of custody procedures that leave no room for error.

We exceed required evidentiary standards and chain-of-custody protocols. All forensics data is kept in a fire-proof safe in our facilities, under separate lock and key.

Data recovery can be an important step in the litigation and forensics process. When the media being investigated is inaccessible, our professional data recovery services are required. Providing access to the data on the problem media is where ACE Data Group can help.

Many law enforcement, legal and corporate investigators rely on our Data Recovery Services division when they need data recovery in the course of an investigation.